Agustus 9, 2016

Pelatihan Penggunaan Permainan Lego dalam Pembelajaran Pecahan

This community service is aim at: (a) introduce the use of LEGO in fraction learning to teachers of SMP Muhammadiyah in Surakarta and its vicinity ;(b) hold workshop and training of teachers in implementing teaching kit by means of LEGO as media. The training was conducted in SMP Muhammadiyah Program Khusus Kottabarat Surakarta 9 June 2016. The participants were teachers of SMP Muhammadiyah in Surakarta and its vicinity. It was done through phases as follows: preparation, consist of internal and external coordination; the implementation phase which covers the introduction and training of LEGO as media in mathematic learning. 12 teachers from 6 Muhammadiyah school in Surakarta participated in this community service. They have technically trained with new experiences using LEGO as media in fraction learning and developed fraction learning kit given; the participants were fully engaged during the training of using LEGO in fraction learning. There were feedbacks and necessity towards the kit model of LEGO to improve.

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